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Mission and Vision 

We are Manage Emotions Avoid Negativity Girls Inc. affectionately known as M.E.A.N. Girls Empowerment™ a 501(c)3 organization, serving the Greater Chicagoland area. Our organization aims to prevent bullying and teach our girls how to identify bullying behaviors. We strive to empower young ladies to live a positive healthy lifestyle and achieve their personal best. 

​M.E.A.N. Girls Empowerment Envisions:

Self-confident young ladies who are eager to fulfill their passion and dreams despite the obstacles society will bring. Young ladies who believe in their own self-worth and have the skills to be leaders and uplift other young women in their communities.

Our mission is to empower young ladies to avoid negativity, build self-confidence, and pursue their goals through perseverance, courage, and creativity!

Our Core Values

Motivate her to make positive lifestyle choices

Empower her to take action and use her voice

Affirm her to embrace her unique individuality

Nurture her confidence and self‐esteem

Program Benefits:

- Reduce bullying in schools

- Promote and encourages friendships

- Increase confidence and self-esteem

 - Help girls build stronger relationships with parents, teachers, and peers

- Help girls build leadership skills for success

- Enhance efforts to promote healthy lifestyle

- Raise awareness about health issues that are most prevalent to girls