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M.E.A.N. Girls Empowerment™ Teen Mentoring Program for girls ages 13 to 18. This unique program is designed for girls who have transitioned from adolescents to teens.  We empower young ladies to live a healthy lifestyle, make healthy decisions, set goals, and take actions to improve their physical, emotional, and mental health. We provide our girls with a better understanding of how their choices can help themselves, their families, and their communities.  

The program curriculum and workshops focus on mature topics such as stress management, mental wellness, self-care, domestic violence, sexual assault, sexual health, nutrition, school/life balance, leadership development, and building healthy relationships. 

Our program curriculum is aligned to the Illinois State Board of Education K-12 Social Emotional Learning Standards (ISBE Standards Based). 

Our program promotes self-love, self-esteem, and motivation


Our program provides support and tools to help girls discover coping skills to better deal with trauma, manage stress, and life changes

Our program encourages behavior improvement that leads to healthy decision making and leadership qualities

In partnership with Be Well Chicago/City Colleges of Chicago our girls participate in monthly peace circles, which provides them with a safe space to find their voice and listen, learn interactively, engage in healing, and develop leadership skills. Case managers, mental health professionals, and counselors from Be Well Chicago are assigned to support and provide resources to our girls that are faced with trauma. Researchers have found that girls who experience various childhood traumas are at higher risk of school discipline and involvement in the juvenile justice system. It is our goal to ensure that our girls who have experienced trauma have access to supportive services and community resources to help them heal and thrive.  

Sessions are 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month
16-sessions/ 90-minutes
Certificate of Completion for attendance of 90% or more!!

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