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Empowering young ladies to avoid negativity, build self-confidence, and pursue their goals through perseverance, courage, and creativity!

M.E.A.N. Girls Empowerment is the only Chicago based “Girl Bullying Prevention Program" exclusively developed to HELP tackle bullying by educating girls.








Cayla, 16

 "Since my involvement in MGE, my grades have improved, and I've learned  to react more positively in tough situations. My favorite activity is our annual vision board retreat because it brings many girls together to share their creativity."


Carmianna, 24

"I cannot express enough how MGE University [College Edition} has helped me successfully transition from college life to adulthood. My involvement with MGE University has given me opportunities to network outside of the organization and to develop both my public speaking skills and mentoring abilities. Through this program, I have gained new confidence in time management, public speaking, and my communication skills have improved. I wish I had found it sooner because it has benefited me so much. The amount of gratitude I have for this organization is endless, and I am eternally grateful.”


Hannah, 8

"Hannah has blossomed since joining the organization. When she first joined, she was overcome with grief from multiple losses, withdrawn, and just not herself.  We tried talking about some of her feelings but were not making progress. Participating MGE program has really been impactful, She rediscovered her voice and she looks forward to participating in the meetings."

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Asia, 21

"“MGE University has [College Edition} been a great experience thus far. I appreciate the fact that everyone is so willing to give you whatever information you need and answer your questions with transparency. My program Director Nakisha and others have made it clear multiple times that if we need anything, we are welcome to come to them.  I am grateful for our MGE university sessions with guest speakers, who take the time out of their day to share useful information with us. It feels good to be around people who would like to help you go down the right path!"


Jordin, 13

“Being in M.E.A.N. Girls has been great. I have formed a close bond with the girls and an amazing bond with my new mentor. The girls in the program have such positive vibes and I love how we can laugh and enjoy our time together. My mentor is not just a role model but it’s almost like she is my best friend."


95% of our mentees have shown positive behavior changes since participating in MGE program.
98% of our mentees enrolled in MGE have stated their self -esteem increased since joining our program.
87% of our mentees developed more positive social relationships and have built a positive attitude toward  school.

Help M.E.A.N. Girls Empowerment Raise Funds for a 15 Passenger Van!

Have you heard? This year M.E.A.N. Girls Empowerment has a goal to raise $25,000 for a 15-passenger van. The MGE van will assist in carrying out mission essential activities as we expand our blueprint and scope throughout Chicagoland. With your support, we know we can reach our ambitious goal.

Small donations of $5, $30, or $50 may be more valuable than you think. If you don’t have funds to give spreading the word can go a long way! We appreciate your support!

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           Our Response to COVID-19               

M.E.A.N Girls Empowerment is among the many organizations that are impacted by the multiple challenges brought about by the serious global health threat, COVID-19.  While we navigate through this crisis as safely as possible, our organization has put in a place a multitude of efforts to ensure our girls know that the relationships fostered here still matter and that staying connected is 

covid 1.jpg

important.  Given our daily lives have been disrupted, M.E.A.N Girls Empowerment has concentrated on building mentorship and using modern technology to engage where in-person communication is limited.  

Engaging our girls is of utmost importance during this critical time! We have stayed on track with virtual meetings via Skype, FaceTime and Zoom as well as virtual workshops, community mask giveaways and active listening sessions.  To prepare our new mentees, welcome kits have been mailed out since we cant actively present them with the cheerful excitement we've exuded in the past.  In the upcoming harvest season, our organization will be serving 250 people in the community with a Thanksgiving Dinner, passed out via  drive-up to encourage social distancing. 

Though we can't physically be in the room together, social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram keep us connected to our girls and future youths interested in mentorship. These tools help us to stay abreast as to what is going on in the girls lives as well as celebrate them in their academic achievements. We have been in regular contact with our mentees via text and phone calls as well.    


M.E.A.N Girls Empowerment has worked extremely hard to maintain the relationships built here! We are dedicated during these uncertain times to continue in planning and 

covid 2.jpg

being intentional in our outreach.  Our organization will continue to adhere to government regulations and keep the safety concerns of our girls at the forefront in all that we do.  Many activities requiring in-person contact have been suspended as we adjust to the guidelines set forth by the CDC and adopt additional strategies that enforce protection and welfare of all participants. 

Helpful Covid-19 Resources

A Teen's Guide to Understanding and Coping with COVID-19

A Young Adult's Guide of Things to Do at Home

COVID-19 Pfizer vaccines, as well as Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson vaccines and booster doses to all Chicagoans. Patients must be 18 or older to receive a J&J vaccine. All clinics will be open 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Registration is required and open now at www.chi.gov/YouthVax

Starting November 15, CDPH’s in-home vaccination program, Protect Chicago At Home, will also offer pediatric vaccination for all children ages 5 to 11. Make an at-home appointment at
Chicago.gov/AtHome or by calling (312) 746-4835


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