M.E.A.N. Girls High!

M.E.A.N. Girls Empowerment™ High Mentoring Program -is designed for our girls who have transitioned from adolescents to teens, and empowers young ladies to live a healthy lifestyle and to take actions to improve their physical, emotional, and mental health. Our curriculum is aligned to the Illinois State Board of Education K-12 Social Emotional Learning Standards (ISBE Standards Based). This program focuses on more mature topics such as domestic violence, sexual assault, sexual health, mental health and building healthy relationships with family and friends. College/job readiness workshops are a core focus for our high school seniors. Our participants are exposed to careers within the health and wellness fields, such as nursing, nutritionist, public or community health worker, social work, wellness coach, life coach and more. 

Our program enhances efforts to promote healthy living and self-love.


Our program is designed to bring awareness to health disparities amongst young women.


Our program offers paid stipend; incentives include job readiness and community service projects.


M.E.A.N. Girls Empowerment™ High 16-week Saturday Mentoring Sessions are held 1st and 3rd Saturday’s as one large group which consist of 15-25 girls. We provide 1-on-1 mentorship & coaching sessions, educational internship opportunities, job readiness workshops, team building sessions, and community service-learning hours.  

(Grade 9th-12th)

Session Time: 1:00pm to 2:15pm

 Attendance is required at a minimum of 90% of program sessions to successfully complete the program and earn a Certificate of Completion.